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Our attorneys help producers, farmers and agribusiness with all of their business, real estate, labor and employment, and insurance dispute needs.  Whether you face zoning issues, crop loss damages, business agreements or real estate troubles, we can help.


Farmer's Law Group features attorneys and professionals that can handle any agriculture law problem.  Our team of skilled lawyers have experience in business, environmental law, real estate, insurance, and regulatory disputes.  We also help structure joint ventures, succession planning, and assist in compliance filings.


Our firm defends and advises small, medium and large operations and individuals in a wide variety of agriculture law cases across the country. Our quick and decisive representation can help you or your business address allegations, while preventing any avoidable loss of revenue. You can trust our team to protect you or your operation.


Farmer's Law Group works to help your agribusiness with legal issues ranging from state zoning laws to federal environmental laws.  Whether your operation is struggling with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service issues, or need help with the Farm Service Agency, our legal counsel can help you.


Livestock and agricultural entities are some of the most regulated businesses in the nation.  While many of these laws are allegedly intended to provide food safety for consumers, many animal and agricultural industries are subject to the politics of the moment.  Problems ranging from the protection of endangered species to the water use can impact your future growth.

Our agriculture lawyers can help you plan your growth around the dozens of federal and state law that can impact you in the future.  Beginning with zoning, land use, and business operations structure, we can prevent problems that would otherwise cost your operation hundreds of thousands of dollars later.

Our attorneys can also help you with unpaid, or underpaid crop insurance claims.  


Farmer's Law Group, which is part of the nationwide Metropolitan Law Group office, was founded in 2012 to serve as a boutique law firm offering clients personal and professional services with the highest of industry standards.  Our attorneys have significant experience in nationwide administrative and regulatory law practice areas, and many are considered to be leaders in their subject areas.  We represent individuals and businesses that have legal issues with:

  • Crop Insurance Claims

  • Farm Service Agency Issues

  • Federal Grants

  • Estate & Succession Planning

  • Contract Negotiation & Litigation

  • Water Use Disputes

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Employment Law Issues

  • Sale & Lease of Farmland

Don’t delay in retaining an attorney from Farmer's Law Group to help your agribusiness. We will work quickly and diligently to gather the information and facts necessary to support your position, and work to limit fees, fines and sanctions. Let our team save you from heavy fines, liens, or possible criminal charges.

Are you facing a letter or a sanction from the State, The USDA or the Office of Inspector General? Take advantage of our free consultations and find out how we can help protect you or your agribusiness today.


Our legal representation on federal law matters is available across the United States.  We can handle a number of administrative actions filed and sent by the USDA and other governmental agencies.

This includes:

  • Filing and Renewing Permits
  • Taxation Disputes
  • Applying for Grants & Financing
  • Selling & Leasing Farmland
  • Regulatory Compliance Matters

Most of our preparation can be conducted through Zoom, telephone and e-mail – eliminating the need for cross country travel to represent your business in the matter.  However, we often travel to see our clients.  Call us for more information.

More than a Livestock & Agriculture Firm
Our attorneys at Farmer's Law Group have experience with livestock and agricultural law issues, but our services are not limited to just these matters. While we are ready to assist you with business law, estate and planning, food law, intellectual property law, and a number of other areas that have an impact on taxes.  We practice the following areas of law in addition to SNAP:

  • Commercial Transactions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Start-Up Businesses
  • Farm and Crop Matters
  • Wills, Estates and Trusts
  • Employment Law


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