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As most farmers and producers well know, agriculture operations are challenging for a whole host of reasons.  At Farmer's Law Group, our goal is to eliminate at least one area of problems for our clients.  Our agriculture attorneys work with farmers and producers to solve their legal issues and to eliminate uncertainty.  We offer free consultations, and if our office can't assist you, there's a good chance we know someone who can.

Cases We Handle

  • Crop Law

    Crop Insurance Law

    Our firm specializes in crop insurance disputes.  We have experience with Multi-Peril policies, as well as private product policies such as wind/hail.  In this area of law, insurance companies will often hire a number of lawyers to prevent you from receiving a full payout on an insurance claim.  This is particularly true in the past few years where insurers have seen higher than average losses from storms, drought, freezes, and floods.  Let our team fight for you.

  • Citrus Crop Insurance Claims

    Federal Grants & Programs

    A number of programs and grants exist for farmers and producers who are new producers, or who grow certain types of crops.  If your agriculture operation is interested in obtaining a grant or loan, or is interested in participating in a federal program, we can offer advice and assistance.

  • Trafficking in SNAP

    Disputes with the USDA

    If you have issues with the United States Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency (RMA), or with any of the other USDA agencies, we can help.  Our office has handled administrative matters with the USDA in all fifty states.

The Agriculture Attorney Difference

There are literally hundreds of thousands of attorneys in the United States - how do you pick the right one for your operation?  For most matters, the ideal attorney is a specialist.  Just like there are real estate, intellectual property, and succession planning specialists, our firm features agriculture law specialists.

The difference in representation is considerable, especially when dealing with RMA handbooks and federal programs.  Many general practitioner attorneys are good at a number of generalized practice areas, but lack the familiarity needed to determine whether or not an insurer has followed a loss adjustment standards handbook correctly.  Furthermore, most general practitioner firms aren't built for complicated litigation against insurance companies.

Our firm is.

Free Consultations

Farmer's Law Group offers producers and farmers free consultations every day.  Our schedules and appointments are flexible as we're aware that the agriculture industry is a demanding one, and not everyone is available during business hours.  Our agriculture law attorneys will give you an overview of what your claim may entail, as well as the risks and potential rewards that may come with bringing a case.

For most matters, there are a number of different factors that need to be considered in order for our lawyers to give you the advice you need.  Accordingly, we usually ask that you gather together all of the documentation you may have pertaining to your matter.  This can include: insurance policies, written correspondence (emails, texts, letters), arbitration decisions, photographs, and yield reports.  Once you have sent those to our office for review, you’ll meet with an attorney to discuss your matter and determine what the right path forward may be for you.


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